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Today is my Birthday-April 7th

Today is my birthday. I was not an easy birth. I came out feet first, no matter how many times they tried to turn me, I’d flip around and try to come out feet forward. They finally gave up and let me have my own way.

As it should be.

I think this one is special, for obvious reasons. It’s one that I wondered if I would see. It’s a genuine cause for celebration.

The phone rang. I mean, 5 minutes ago, I had just unloaded a car full of groceries, and rushed to answer it. When ever I look at the call display and see SCCA (Seattle Cancer Care Alliance) on the screen, I get a little stab of fear. But it’s my birthday. They were calling to tell me Happy Birthday. Maybe that’s something they do.

But it wasn’t happy birthday. It was to tell me my numbers spiked and I have to start treatment again. So I’m sitting here crying. It’s going to start again.
But I don’t want to cry.

So I won’t. I was made to fight.

20140407-114044.jpg</ao s

I just had my port removed-what crap timing that is. I'll have to have another port inserted…this only 6 days after I got out of the hospital to have it taken out. No damned way am I going to let this ruin my birthday. It's not happening. I looked forward to this one. To hell with it….

So…I just made a Chi Chi. That's right. I was famous for my Pina Coladas and Chi Chi's when I was a bartender. I decided to have them as my birthday drink.

Chi Chi recipe

3 cups of ice
3/4 cup pineapple juice
3 tbsp of Coco Loco
1/3 cup crushed pineapple
3 tbsp of cream
2 tbsp of lemon juice
2 ounces of Malibu Coconut rum
2 ounces of vodka
(I may have just glugged it in at random…)

give it a whirl in the blender and drink drink drink….

That's what I'll be doing today. I'm not going to tell my family yet. There's a big birthday party here today. Liza made me a fabulous coconut cake with coconut cream custard inside. The weather is perfect. Hot and sunny and nothing is going to stop me from celebrating. In fact, I think it's even more of a reason to celebrate. I made it this far.

Wednesday I go into the hospital and get scans etc and talk to my oncologist. Wednesday night I start back on the no sugar, no carbs, no alcohol, no caffeine, no non organic food, no meat and no dairy.

I wish you could see the fridge. I have hotdogs – good organic no nitrate hotdogs, hamburgers, buns, potato salad, 3 bean salad, I've got the deep fryer ready for julienne french fries with garlic aioli and the blender, well, the blender is already in use. I'm having a BBQ! I'm eating cake! I'm going to the pub tonight to play pool with my friends and drink pitchers of beer!

If I had a damned cigarette I'd smoke it, I swear I would. That's how pissed I am. I'd snort cocaine and drink tequila and huff a big joint.


Happy FUCKIN' Birthday to ME!




44 thoughts on “Today is my Birthday-April 7th

  1. Your frustration is shared. God damn it. But you jumped out of the womb! it’s the most unfair bloody thing. On your birthday. Drink, have fun, make decadent cocktails, play pool, be with family, and tell no one or tell everyone. Do whatever you bloody well like because it’s your birthday and let no one forget it. And you’ll tackle that cancer when it’s not your birthday. One thing at a time. Sending you big hugs and wish I could hustle you at pool and try one of your cocktails. Bet they’d blow your skirt up! XO


    • My skirt is blown! We’re in the process of constructing a bonfire pit so we can get all the way gone when the sun goes down! We are NOT happy to start treatment again (yes the Royal ‘We’) and we will nail this birthday to the wall. Oh lord I’m glad I have tomorrow off…


      • I will have a drink tonight and think of you letting it rip in your back yard. Howl at the moon and breathe fire. Tomorrow is a new day. Happy birthday lovely–if a little squiffy–Laura!


      • Yes, the howling happened. We even watched the Int’l Space Stn go by above us thanks to a star map app and that’s always wonderful at keeping things in proportion. Drank Chi Chi’s until the bonfire went out and had birthday cake for breakfast. And a leftover hamburger with cheese. Very nice and I’m in a good mood for my tests tomorrow. Kicking and screaming the whole way there and back, no doubt.


      • Kicking and screaming is a very stylish way to go. Your day sounds like a really fun birthday. Hope the spirit of it lasts. And the perspective of looking at the night sky. Sending you strength and support and love and extra muscular but still soft and cuddly hugs! XO!


  2. Happy Birthday. Do what you want to do in order to enjoy your special day.

    I think I’ll try a ChiChi Friday, April 11 for our 54th Anniversary. Hubby a non drinker so I will take care of his drink.


    • Oh so many things I want to do. I am tackling them one at a time. I have the food ready for a bbq, I have the drinks set out, I have a fire pit in the works. Chi chi’s are definitely a celebratory special drink and they even make a delicious ‘virgin’ drink, too! Thanks for the wishes! You rock!


  3. You still have the past year to celebrate, so do it up BIG! Have a fabulous Chi Chi or three (small ones) for me. I have two things that I can send you through the Earth’s Atmosphere: Positive Vibes and Strength. They are yours for the taking. Congratulations on this birthday, I send you good wishes for many more.


    • Yes! Positive is my current attitude after the initial screaming and kicking and crying and cursing. Hence the name of the blog, kicking and screaming the whole way back to health. Had a great birthday party regardless and I am hoping for great results from the CT scans. Maybe it was just…ya know, an anomaly. Or something. Aliens. It could have been aliens messing with the blood tests.


  4. Happy birthday, hope you had a nice celebration with a few drinks. The other day Iread a quote from Dalai Lama : there are only 2 days in the year that we cannot do anything : one is yesterday and the other tomorrow – so it is only today that we live. Only today we enjoy live, today we feel, the present is the only time we ARE! Sending you good wishes and stay positive! Barbora


    • As usual, your thoughts and prayers are always a special secret weapon of mine. I carry your wonderful drawings with me when I go to SCCA in a little book that I have. They never ever fail me. I always smile when I see those drawings! So thank you Shannen and hugs and love to you.


  5. Oh, Laura, I’ve only just read your last 2 posts. What a rotten,ghastly stuff to deal with. I’m glad you had a happy birthday despite everything and I wish you lots of luck with the onc tomorrow.


    • Yes, it was a rotten phone call to get on a birthday but I dealt with it by not telling anyone so the mood was great, which helped me have a wonderful time. Also the Chi Chi’s were a great mood stabilizer…Har!


  6. Hope you raised the roof on your birthday Beautiful. Beyond sorry about that ghastly phone call. Thinking of you and hope today was bearable. Fight, fight, fight and feel the support of us all xxx


    • Thank you sweet darling Kitt. I was really pissed about the news but…I guess I was just wishful thinking that this could be kicked to the curb with one round. It’s off to the races…


      • Oh a frilly hat is de rigeuer on days like these ones. I settled for a leopard print silk scarf edged with a lovely grass green and tied in a fabulous knot around my neck, with just the twinkle of my gold necklace and charm peeking out. Truly decorous and yet a hint of the 1970’s NY vibe I love so much.


      • S’okay…I’m carrying my big orange umbrella with butterflies all over it. It’s a patio sized umbrella but it’s too nice to leave at home. *pokes the lady with the loud phone* oops…


    • Hanging in. It’s what I do best. Had an amazing celebration and lots of fun. Didn’t tell anyone so it actually was a great party. Sometimes it’s not lying if you just don’t say anything, right?


      • Right, discretion has it’s own nobility. Glad you had fun. How’s the funding situation looking for this next round of fun & games?


      • Always a trial. I’ll get by somehow. I have to keep dipping into the vacation fund to pay incidentals. grrrr…I have enough for a plane ticket and then {POOF} it’s gone. But I shall soldier on and some dang day I’m going to lie on a sandy beach and swim in warm water.


  7. *hugs* You’re such a bright light everywhere you go that I didn’t even know this was happening. I hope you’re doing fabulous and that your day was wonder-filled. Happy birthday, beautiful lady!


    • {hugs back} My days are filled with all kinds of beauty everywhere I go. I planted striped flowers, I painted my nails bright blue and got an orange umbrella with butterflies all over it. I just want to take it everywhere…it’s a patio umbrella. But I could struggle along with it, if I put my mind to it. RAWR!


  8. Laura, the less I say the better bc my words will fall short. I hope it’s been a “better” week since in some measure. My own path of frustration is not exactly the one that’s taking you where you don’t want to go, but it’s keeping me where I don’t want to be and this day saw me pulling my hair out. I’m about to go have my nitrate-free link. =)

    Sugar-free momma,


  9. Hope all is well, the way you attacked your birthday with such bad news is admirable…and I hope the Seattle weather treated you well too (my adopted home in the States). Take care.


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