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The First Spring

Restless Spring is here. The trees are blooming and it doesn’t scare me anymore. In fact this Spring is more amazing than I ever thought it could be. I forgot how frightened I was this time last year.

I remember sitting on Bainbridge Commons and watching the trees blossom. I would drive down there last March, when I first started chemotherapy, and look at the trees. Waiting…for that first blossom.


….and I’d wonder could this possibly be the last spring I’ll see? Will I see this tree next year.


Yes. I would.

Would I plant my garden? After all the work of Arms Around Bainbridge to give me this garden…Would I see it grow? I saw it go from this…




I did. We turned the soil over last week….I planted sweetpeas. Liza and Mom planted peas and spinach. (ever practical)


A year of wondering…everything I did I wondered…is this the last time? To go from this…


To this…


YES! My Academy Award hat 2014! I stopped wondering and everything became wonderful instead!

It’s wonderful to see Mom go from here…


To here….


To see everything turn into a source of joy! I did it! I got through the worst year of my life. It’s marvelous. It’s amazing. It’s SPRING!



20 thoughts on “The First Spring

  1. All of the cancer pictures are way too familiar (except I was the one behind the mask). Laura Lynn, I am so happy to see you embrace your new normal and enjoy life once again. My hope and prayer is that your cancer never returns!!!!!!! Patrick


  2. This spring is going to be beautiful like you are beautiful. Laura, you’ll enjoy many more springs and i will see you wearing your academy award hats every year! the garden is really looking good. Love that tree with pinkish flowers. Have fun! šŸ˜€


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