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Where Does Inspiration Come From?

Where does inspiration come from?

There are so many things I love, things I like, projects to begin (finish?) sometimes I just feel as if I am hanging fire…waiting for…something. What is it? I stood there leaning out of my window and looking at the moon and wondering why I felt so indecisive.

I drove to get gas today and hear a beautiful spanish guitar playing the Habanera from Carmen. I want to play guitar. I saw a drawing of a rabbit and I want to draw. I see a red umbrella and I want to get a red umbrella.


I see the trees beginning to bloom and I want to garden.


I see the strong beautiful woman at the gym and I want to get fit, exercise and wear a flower in my hair.


I came home to find my sister and my friend both taking advantage of the momentary break in the rain, sitting outside on the porch drinking wine and I want to throw my bag down and fill my glass.

I want to make borscht and cookies and deep fry something strange like ice cream or pickles.

I want to travel and meet an exotic handsome man with an accent I can barely understand.


I want to dye my hair pink and pierce my ears and run with my dog on the beach…


…..and watch the sun rise with a cappuccino by the duck pond.


I want to ride a bicycle uphill and get my motorcycle back on the road and volunteer and…I’m leaning out the window right now. I just don’t know where to start.

So, I’ll start with a drawing of a rabbit and go from there.



9 thoughts on “Where Does Inspiration Come From?

  1. Loved this post. There’s def something in the air…spring I hope..but there’s something. We went out last night on the common after school…first warm evening..took blankets, bikes, hot chocolate and sketch books..it was bliss xxxxxxxx


  2. I really like your drawing! It reminded me of the old Memorix commercials with the dude being blown away by the music…Is it live or is it Memorix?

    Sounds like the “new normal” where one who has survived cancer (and the care giver) wants to really enjoy life to its fullest and not worry about the small stuff (I have way more knowledge about this subject than I ever expected to learn). Each day after surviving cancer is a gift.


    • Very true! I think back to this time last year and I guess that explains it. There was a good chance I wouldn’t be here to see this spring and I don’t take them (or much of anything) for granted anymore.


  3. This is a really wonderful post Laura, so full of hope and dreams. And these can come true for they are not ridiculous. I want to do the things that you write about too. You look happy in the garden, are those plants edible? The rabbit picture blows me away, I love it. And that’s a good starting point y friend. Live life. Live it to the fullest. Don’t sweat the small stuff especially after what you have gone through. Love yourself and be happy always. You know we are behind you. You have friends, you have talent and you have beauty, now go get that man with funny accent! 😀


    • Oh Semi you always lift my spirits! I am working on the rabbit picture, to improve it. It was a quick sketch. I thought of me (the rabbit) and my friends (the tree) all standing there against the wind, facing it and not letting it blow us over. I would love to meet a man with an accent-aren’t I funny?-a foreign accent just melts me!


      • Man with foreign/funny accent will just crack me up. I’d be rolling on the floor laughing and he’ll think me mad. Ah but if he melts you, how can I solidify you again? Lol…


  4. Love your windblown rabbit–great start! You can do them all–just not in one day! Unless you have superpowers I don’t know of,…which you just might, come to think of it. How about you do one each morning? Wine in the morning though…heck, how bohemian! They’re all lovely things to do. And life won’t be boring. xo


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