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Super Bowl Snack Stadium – 2/2/2014

Okay, this was something I’ve wanted to do for a while. Because I’m crazy, I guess. I didn’t want to just have some friends and family over for the Big Game, I wanted to build a replica of a football stadium with food. Football snacks. Including the parking lot…

So I began to build it…


We used styrofoam from a box that had fortuitously arrived in the mail. Plus shoeboxes, weighed down with heavy things so it wouldn’t collapse or get pushed around. Also used a wire turkey roaster thingy holder…thing. YOU know, one of those!


We started by putting down a green plastic table cloth from the party store so we wouldn’t wreck the table. Built up the sides, added some napkins, taped down with blue painters tape to TRY and blend in…right!


Then we added trays I bought from out local deli, reusable and recyclable and compostable for the most part.


Mr. Jones decided he wanted to sit in one of the boxes so that was retired.


We used tall margarita glasses to hold dips at each corner and smaller champagne glasses in front of them to hold nuts and candy, as well as some chinese take out boxes for wrapped candies-so the kids could take them home afterwards. Healthy snacks for the kids went fast. I admit I was surprised at how fast the veggie and dip vanished!


Added liquor…also used plastic bins (from the Dollar Store) to hold beer and cider on ice. These we moved into the living room beside each chair and couch so there was no need to get up and miss anything (OR walk in front of the TV during a crucial play-I thought of everything)


We begin adding food that doesn’t need chilling and covering everything as we go…and I start cooking the hot things…Teriyaki chicken wings for the end zone, Hot Wings for the other end zone, sausage rolls (veggie sausage of course) bbq keilbasa, goat cheese puffs, crab rangoons, spanokopitas etc…All prepared over the course of the previous week and frozen in portions of 8 to 12 pieces. I bought a foot long sub that was cut into slices as well. Didn’t make those!


(Mr. Jones got outside somehow (bad kitty!) and caught a bird and brought it inside and ate the WHOLE thing, head, beak, feet and feathers. ALL of it. yurg…on my bedroom rug. His version of chicken wings?)


Note: used the cut off lid from to go boxes for entry way roof and covered it with Sea Hawk napkins. Used the bottoms to hold dry snacks like chips and nuts. Also used bamboo cutting boards for entry way and to hold cookies…built the parking lot out of brown paper and masking tape for parking slots and used mini candy bars as cars. Also gummy bear people but…That lot was full, but by the time I got the whole thing assembled little fingers had begun to ‘steal’ the cars. There was also a ‘bus’ that had haribo gummy bear people that mysteriously vanished!


Guests begin to arrive and the hot food is set out.

Five cheese lasagna playing field with a layer of pesto for the ‘grass’.
Pepperoni goal posts on each end…


Green and blue Jell-O shots made with vodka and wine shots made with orange jello with a fresh cherry for a handle! Turned out great! Kids also got Jell-O shots made plain with skittles or fruit inside. They went fast-no photo’s available. (Shades of the gummy bear bus!)


The entry way, parking lot…and the timing was perfect. The game began just as I set out the wings…


Some of the guests, cheering on our Sea Hawks!


…or fixing things.




We WON!!! Big victory parade in downtown Seattle tomorrow. I’ll definitely be there!


12 thoughts on “Super Bowl Snack Stadium – 2/2/2014

  1. I have NO WORDS!!! I am WORDLESS!! Trust me when i tell you this….that never happens! You are my HERO!!! You have some serious skills my friend. This has got to be the greatest thing I have ever seen. ALL Hail the amazing Laura Lynn!! ~ This is awesome. I would leave it just like that and eat on that for days, weeks even!! Mr. Jones knew something was up. He definitely wanted in on that deal. Your kitty has some skills too. Got himself some kitty style turducken!! GO MR, JONES! Just not on the rug though….that part may have been his way of being mad that he was not invited to join in on the Snack Stadium. He needed to make a statement probably….You know how temperamental those fur creatures can be sometimes. AND Congrats on winning the Super Bowl Seattle!!! WOOP!!! I am not a HUGE football person, but I am from the Bay Area so I tend to follow the niners. But by follow I mean…I do nothing. So yeah…. *Vagina bows to Laura Lynn as the queen of the SnackStadium!!!….curtsy’s….and leave’s the room…then comes back for a little dip and chips…..


    • Hahaha, you’re crackin ‘ me up! Yes, Mr. Jones was indulging in turducken and that of course makes me want to MAKE that. So, a turkey, stuffed with a chicken, (no DUCK) stuffed with a, let’s see, meat loaf? Stuffed with corn dogs…hmm I’ll try the meatloaf stuffed with corn dogs any day! Do you suppose you bone the chicken (get your mind out of the gutter!) before you stuff it in a turkey? Who THINKS of these things, what sick mind…


      • You know my mind went straight to the gutter when you said bone the chicken. I can’t help it!! bone and chicken in the same sentence…..I just can’t help it!! I agree about the turducken thing. Who was sitting there one day and thought to themselves….”hey, you know what would be tasty??”…and then came up with THAT concoction! I don’t know about some people….then again, I can’t read bone and chicken in the same sentence without my mind going STRAIGHT to the gutter….so……yeah! I think with all those delicious leftovers, you could be stuffing ALL kinds of goodies into other goodies and come up with some CRAZY hour devours. Except leave out anything that was stuffed under your couch cushions because….you know….No Bueno!!


  2. What a great feast you had in that “stadium”, haha. Teriyaki and Hot wings sound delicious. My young one would love to eat the grass – Pesto!!! I love the pictures of the ladies cheering for Sea Hawks and Mr. Jones must be a Chinese, eating everything and waste not, lol…


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