Sparks-Chapter 7

“Annie’s back.” said a harsh voice. A figure, crouched behind the upper bedroom window of the Carroll Creek house shrank back into the deepening gloom.”I told you she’d be back. I told you she’d come here.

“It’s not her.” A soft voice whispered.”Don’t be a FOOL! Look at her!” said the crouching figure, louder.

“Shhh…please be quiet. She’ll hear us.”

“She’s back to trap you. She want’s to kill you, you know that don’t you?” The voice whispered insinuatingly. “She’ll find out what you did and she’ll want to kill you. But she won’t have to, will she? They have the death penalty now.”

“She’ll ruin everything.” Whispered the strange silhouette. “She mustn’t ruin everything. It wasn’t my fault. I didn’t mean it. Why did she come back…WHY!?”

“Shut UP! I’ already told you, she wants to tear down the house. She is coming to find you and tear the house down and arrest you. You’ll do time. You’ll never get out…not after she gets up on the stand and tells them what you did. You killed her parents! You killed them as sure as if you put a gun to their head and pulled the trigger. She’s an orphan. And she’s rich. She can probably have you killed if she wanted to…”

“NOOOO!!!” The figure threw itself to the doorway….”She can’t…I won’t let her…”

“SHUT UP! Look. She heard you…stay still. DOn’t go anywhere. I told you I know about her. I’ve been following our little Annie. I can fix her for you.”

“Stop her.” The voice broke again, whimpering. “Kill her. Annie Sparks must die.”


Annie, with a last glance at the dilapidated house, brushed away a tear and froze. The upstairs window, smeared with the grit and dirt of years, was shadowed. But she thought she saw movement. Was there someone in her old room? She blinked away unshed tears, trying to focus. Was that…a sound? The rushing wind swept around Annie, tugging at the hem of her trenchcoat. There. There it was again. Some kind of…wail. What was that? An animal. It had to be. Annie took a step towards the porch, and listened. No. Nothing. Her imagination. Or the wind. Or a raccoon…. She pulled herself together and started back to the car.

“What in the world possessed me to come out here.” Annie asked herself. “It’s getting late and…and this isn’t the time or the place to start planning anything. I need food and a bath.”

As she pulled out of the lane way, a scattering of fat raindrops, blown by a gust of wind, smacked onto the windshield. Annie groaned in dismay.

“I hope that cottage is ready.’ She said.

Annie drove away. She didn’t look behind her as the shadows deepened. She didn’t see one of them detach itself from the porch and move towards the road.