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Who can claim they see the reality!

I look for this post, always worried about this lovely young woman, she writes so beautifully about her country and her feelings, I wanted to share her words…

Levant woman

What is the reality of what we see?

This is a question I’ve always asked to myself and it’s still unsolved.

What if other people see this blanket differently? What if that yellow color doesn’t look like I see it to everybody else? Now what if they hear my voice not the same way I hear it?

I studied in hand drawing lectures a long time ago about perspective; things don’t look the way they really are, our eyes use a trick in seeing  lines, areas, and also colors that makes it able to include the world in that small pupil we have in our eyes.

–          Things look smaller than they are when they are further.

–          Paralleled lines (which are impossible to meet in reality) actually meet in one point. This point is as high as your eye’s height.

–          The view of any object differs due to…

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