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My Old Hollywood

I’m almost back to work and getting excited about it. In a month I’ll be saying “Why? Why did I want to get up at 4:30 am?”

And I am supposed to start a toxic cleanse and diet at some point this week. Yargh…

I hate diets. I’m good at them, believe me. You couldn’t grow up in the 70’s and 80’s and not be. That was the golden age of weight loss. All those fad diets…the Beverly Hills diet, the Atkins, the cabbage soup diet, you name it, I was on it. Always.

I was dating a lot back then so I didn’t eat at some of the finest restaurants-although I was there, picking at a salad-and I drank in the hippest bars in Los Angeles. Le Dome, founded by Elton John and THE place to see and be seen in the late 70’s. Chasens, I loved Chasens, they had fantastic chili there and one of my favorite bars!



Musso and Franks, wow, that place… I always felt as if Raymond Chandler would walk in an order a Moscow Mule and light up a Pall Mall. It felt so old school Hollywood.


Ma Maison was a personal favorite. I saw Fred Astaire there! I always go on about that because I’m still such a fan. Ma Maison closed in the mid 80’s because the property it was located on sold. What a shame! It was so kitschy cool. It was in an old house on Wilshire Blvd. It was decorated to look like a green house, with big plastic light up geese around the ceiling. I know that sounds awful but it was very cool. It’s reopened in a hotel I heard, but I haven’t been there.

I remember the Cobb Salad at the Brown Derby, which was also torn down some time in the mid 80’s, was fantastic. That place was great for people watching. It was close to the studios so you’d see all these famous old time stars in there lunching. That’s not why I went there though. That Cobb Salad was to die for.


It was closed for a few years and people tried to save it as a landmark. Then there was an earthquake and that was the death knell for The Brown Derby. No one wanted to fix it up. So sad.

Wow all those great places. 385 North, Dan Tana’s next to the Troubadour in West Hollywood, Oh, Michaels in Beverly Hills…now that place was fine. Best pastries I’ve ever had. The Border Grill which, when I used to go there, was this tiny little place. Now it’s some huge place in Santa Monica. I’ll bet the foods still good though. I went to a lot of brilliant restaurants and all I remember eating were salads and lamb chops.

Sunset Strip circa 1984-my salad days. Literally/

Sunset Strip circa 1984-my salad days. Literally/


Thank god for salads and diets because that’s what got me into the Rainbow Room and Gazzari’s and anywhere else I got it into my head I wanted to get into. Nothing like a good ass and a sassy attitude. The Roxy, wow, that place. This guy, Lou Adler, was running it. Great bands played there. I saw Guns and Roses, among others, but it was so small that it was hard to get into.
Even I couldn’t get in to see Bruce Springsteen when he played there.

In fact The Rocky Horror Picture Show was a play there for the longest time and Lou made it into the movie, it was so popular.
I used to hang out upstairs at the Rainbow Room next door, even though it wasn’t as fun, to me, as the bar downstairs. The Rainbow and The Roxy and that place, I forget what it was called, but it became the Viper Room, and Gazzari’s. The Starwood, Madame Wu’s, The Zero, The Anti Club and so many more. Hah, I had record producers begging to come with me because I knew all the cool underground places. I discovered Van Halen. I saw the Red Hot Chili Peppers about 1000 times while they were trying to make it big. Black Flag, The Mentors, Los Lobos, The Beastie Boys, so many great bands. Hollywood, it was SO fun.

Well, that’s what I’m going to be doing for the next few months, talking about the bad old days. Maybe you’ll get to know me better, maybe I’ll bring back some good memories, maybe remind you why none of us do that anymore. Expect me to talk a lot about food (and lack thereof!) and work (yay!) and my health in general (Boring) and my day to day…positive. Always positive!

But ya’ll are my sounding board so I still may flare up and freak out and whine and cry and kick and scream. My journey back to health is just getting started.


23 thoughts on “My Old Hollywood

    • Totally real life and boy was I a happy girl. Music and night clubs, restaurants, motorcycles (well, dirt bikes) fast cars, working in movies…and in the best small town in America. Hollywood changed and I changed too. Things like that are fun for a while but..it was time. Time for something different. I’ve lived a lot of places trying to find something. Who knows what.


  1. Oh the yin and yan of life..I’m just finishing the first full week of the kids back to school..and after looking forward to it for weeks..we are all on our knees. Whatever is great..always has a kick back. Such is life xxxxx


    • Ain’t it the truth! You must be so busy these weeks past. Good wood looked like fun! Vanity Fair just did a big article on the Earl and Goodwood. Sounds like the place to be! I love cars. In fact anything with wheels! (Except bicycles…shudder)


  2. Hey hey, I’m into diets too! You had such a great time, I want to cry kick and scream too 😀 Welcome to the workforce! I’m awake at 4.30am (my time) with you! The names of those places you hang out were cool. Start hanging around and intro me more funky names. I don’t mind being your sounding board so whine some more :p


    • Yeah, The Viper Room. But it was called something else, like the Melody Room or something silly sounding. I think it was Johnny Depp who bought it way back when and turned it into the Viper Room. I don’t know if he still owns it. I didn’t like the place much. It was filled with actors kids and dumb rich people. No one went to have fun. Just to be seen. Disaster for a good time in my opinion.


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