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My 100th Post


I feel as if this should be a special one even though I missed the post date. I had it in my drafts folder!

I decided to make a list of my favorite things, places, books, anything I like, love, crave.

1. It has to be YOU. You came and read this post. You didn’t just click ‘like’ and speed away. You’re reading it. These are a few of my favorite things.

2. Camping and bonfires and lakes and mountains and that smell, that glorious smell of being in the AIR, real, fresh, unbreathed
air. Ahhhhh….


3. Birdsong, bird singing, birds floating on the pond down he road, birds in the grass, singing in trees, birds. All of them


well…most of them.

4. First kisses that let you know you just met someone special


5. Caravan Palace, Amanda Palmer, Ray La Montagne, and all that fantastic new to me music that I’m discovering.

6. Dinah Washington, Ella Fitzgerald, Dean Martin, Bob Marley, Led Zeppelin and any other fantastic music I’ve heard a million times.

7. David Bowie singing ‘Wild is the Wind’ and John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ to name only two.

8. Libraries, old bookstores and old books. Actually any book.

Worth around $10,000,000 dollars...so if you see one grab it.

Worth around $10,000,000 dollars…so if you see one grab it.

9. BBQ Tri Tip with a cooler full of beer, sunshine and the Stones on the radio.

10. Farmers Markets with fresh peaches and nectarines and strawberries and tomatoes that taste like tomatoes

11. Sitting in the sun with the kitties, chickens clucking and Bella in the shade stretched out sound asleep like a good ol’ dog

12. Swimming under a full moon

13. Riding a motorcycle in the fall when the weather is warm and the trees are changing and the road is twisty.


14. Dancing with your friends at a club and checkin’ all the moves on the dance floor, knowing you look great and feel energized

15. Kittens and puppies

Haida & Otis

Haida & Otis

I'm sorry.

Maru <caption

16. Screwball comedies, film noir, costume dramas


17. The sound that fast cars make when they are going full bore


18. The opening bars to any Jimi Hendricks song

19. Fireworks and that smell

20. The roar of the crowd when something awesome happens, whether it’s a race, a ball game, an encore or a goal

21. Traveling to somewhere you love. The anticipation, the sight of the road unwinding before you, the diners, the animals, the people, the landscape of America
U.S Hwy 1 U.S Hwy 1

And Canada


Oh Canada.

22. The smell of a man, whether he’s in a suit and tie with cologne or he’s just finished chopping wood…mmmmmmen

Deported for being too handsome! Deported for being too handsome! [/caption]

But this is more MY style...

But this is more MY style…

23. Senior citizens, whatever the circumstances, I love our old timers. The best of us is there in them.

24. Old dogs and old cats. They are the ones who need our love and support and need homes and foster care the most. They are the mellowest and calmest of all. Been there, done that personified.

And last but not least…

25. The ocean and the beach. The hot sand, the waves crashing, the blanket getting sandy and the smell of suntan lotion

I love that you read this. I love that you were making your own list of things you love while reading this. You were, weren’t you? I couldn’t narrow this list down, but if you could name just a few favorite things, what would they be?


20 thoughts on “My 100th Post

  1. Chocolate chip cookies straight from the oven. Running in the fog. Running in a warm, soft rain. Sitting under a night sky in the desert. A hug that lingers, just when you need it most. A cold beer on a hot day.


  2. Ahahaha, I am terrified of fast cars (noise to me), my heart thumps! Love that the guy is being deported for being too handsome. The last pic is awesome! Love that you are happy and that we are friends! Congrats on the 100th post, Laura. Big hugz!


  3. OMG so many things in common, I found! ( except for the sporty items haha)
    Congrats on your 100th post, so special!!!. I have to look up to you a lot, i’ve been so delayed and uninspired it scared me a bit.
    did you know the handsome guy who got deported was in Vietnam earlier this month for a show? I can’t remember exactly which show but he was invited to a huge beauty event something, and it was raining on the day, and later he tried to charged an extra of 5000$ for making him appear onstage in the rain. nuff said. hahahha.


    • Aw, you’re so sweet! I was wondering where you’d got to. I assume school and work are keeping you busy, right? Haha that handsome man is trying to make $ while he can. Maybe he thought he was so sweet he was made of pure sugar and he would melt in the rain! Hahahaa…


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