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Happy Labor Day!

Today was a day to finish painting the new hen house. It’s Labor Day so why not labor, right?

The New Henhouse

I slapped two coats on it this morning, varnished the inside and took off to the dog beach with Bella and Otis for some dog time.

Bella at the beach

Both dogs had a good time, and I enjoyed my down time, too.

Digging a hole for two

Now, my only thought is should I put bacon on the burgers or will I end up, as usual, giving it to the pups!


Happy Labor Day everyone!


10 thoughts on “Happy Labor Day!

    • I even, finally, watched the dvr of the VMA awards to see what all the Miley Cyrus fuss was about. Hmph…I was more taken with J. Timberlakes performance. Now THAT was something to talk about. Although all I can say at the moment is wow, what a great dancer.


    • Bbq is my favorite! Veggie burgers, too! I think the henhouse is a little TOO red but I might get used to it. The paint guy didn’t mix it correctly at all. We wanted a darker red, not brighter!


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