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The Americas Cup!


I can’t believe I’m really here!


My brother drove me right to Pier 23 and dropped me off. I wanted to go by myself because I am very slow on my feet and I have to sit a lot. I didn’t want to have to think about anything but the race. Not about bathroom breaks or who is hungry or where we’ll stand…no. I’ve been surrounded my well wishers and loving family for months and this day I just wanted to be for me. Be Little Miss Independent again. It’s a big thing for me. My brother totally got it.

I went to have a Bloody Mary and sit a moment to savor the rush of the race going crowd.


It was just as I’d imagined. Huge ocean going private yachts.


People from all over the world, speaking 20 different languages.


The crowd gave the Italian supporters a big cheer when the flag went by.

The race was on! It gave me shivers to see them sweep past me and disappear into the fog. We all hoped the fog would burn off before the 1pm race but it didn’t. Still, it was light enough that they didn’t call the race off. We watched from the pier as they vanished into the mist. I had goose bumps!


The turn was almost under the Golden Gate Bridge, which was miles away, but no one left their places, it got quiet as we all stood there, waiting to see which boat came out of the fog and raced towards the next turn, way way out in the Bay. It was the New Zealand boat, the UAE, first by quite a large margin. It made the turn near Alcatraz and began to race towards the next turn. I was cheering as loud as the next person and I didn’t even have a favorite. Yet. image

It was awe inspiring to watch them flash out of the fog (sorry about the poor pictures but it was hard to stand still long enough to take them!)
Here’s one of me, waiting to see who was going to appear for the final turn and the win. I was right in front of the buoy to mark the winner!


You can barely see them, but it was UAE in the front making the turn towards us! You should have heard the cheers from the Kiwi’s!


Here are the winners making their victory sail past the crowd!


It was great to see them so close under sail.


The Louis Vuitton yacht going out to greet the winners!


Both yachts after the race.

I was pretty tired out, just from standing so long. I didn’t hang out too long afterwards. Got to the BART station and back to my brothers house. I had a swim and we had a bbq.


What a great day!


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