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Dreaming and Doing.



Hwy 36 from Red Bluff to Eureka, Calif.

Hwy 95 in Idaho btwn White bird and Council, with a stop in Riggins to watch the fishermen in their crazy power boats fishing in white water.

Caves Highway to Oregon Caves Nat’l Monument off Hwy 199 in, where else? Oregon.

Hwy 101 from coos bay to Reedsport then Hwy 39 to Drain OR

Hwy 12 in Napa to Sonoma to Calistoga rd. Turn right and go to Petrified Forest Rd to the town of Calistoga. Right turn will take you back to Napa, left will take you to hwy 29 and Robert Louis Stevenson state park.

Hwy 101 to Templeton CA., take Green Valley rd west to Santa Rosa Creek rd. make a right and follow it to hwy 1 northbound to San Simeon and Hearst Castle, to Big Sur, Carmel, Pebble Beach, Monterey, San Francisco…all points north.

That crazy ass road somewhere right before the Redwood Forest Hwy. It goes up almost vertically and you can see for a thousand miles along the coast. Whales, pelicans…just sit and let the bike cool off and watch the sunset.

Lake Tahoe, Reno, Silver City, Mazama, the canyons of Utah, big sky country in Montana…dreaming of doing it again.

These are a few of the roads that I’ve followed on my motorcycle.
These are the roads I want to see again through my bug splattered windshield.
These are the travels I take at night. Lying in bed. Looking at the stars coming out through the trees. I am on my motorcycle. I’m leaning into a curve and I’ve got the throttle cracked, I’m in the right gear and the bike is as if it’s on rails…

I’m going to do those roads again next year when I am healed and healthy. I’m going to do it and I’m going to carry you all along with me.

Anyone want to go for a ride?

Thanks again for all your support and donations and shares and love and prayers.
You make my heart sing and my feet dance and my hair grow. Seriously. I have a fuzzy covering now. I can feel it.

Love you all!



16 thoughts on “Dreaming and Doing.

    • I wish I could remember whether I was coming or going? (as if I ever do in anything?!) I think going because I look so calm and happy. That means I still hadn’t experienced the gnarly parts of long distance motorcycling. That’s a post in itself. The fruit fly in my full face helmet that kept flying around inside it and landing on my nose. The unexpected, and unseasonably early, snow storm we got caught in on our way back from Jasper Park. The spilled straw in the blind corner outside of Sebastopol that just about made me drop my bike and made me look SO AWESOME to my fellow riders behind me who had enough warning to miss it and had the opportunity to see me doing some super creative motorcycling. I was actually, in my head, singing that song ‘JEEZUS take the Wheeelll, take it from my hands, cuz I can’t do this ONNNNN my OWNNNNN. I’m letting GOOOOO…’ and Jesus said ‘ HEY! I never learned how to ride a motorcycle! AAAIIIEEEE!!!!’ but that’s another story, too.


    • No, I don’t believe it! You?! I can’t believe you do anything badly. But I’ll take your word for it and I’ll get one of my Gold Wing rider friends to tuck you up in that comfy upholstered Gold Wing seat with the arm rests and the speakers and the awesome back rest and away we’ll go.
      That’s how I decided to start riding my own street bike. I rode on the back of a good riders Gold Wing for a couple of years. Learned a lot. Like don’t think just because it feels like you’re in a lounge chair going 70 miles an hour that it’s okay to start making shaker margaritas. The driver gets all up in your face about that. They even do the Dad thing and say ‘Don’t make me pull over…!’


    • OMG, that is such a great idea. Can I suggest that you find a cheap little 250 to learn on? Makes life better all the way around. A couple of lessons, a smaller engine and safety first, right? I say this because I learned on a dirt bike and that’s good in a way. You get the shifting and braking and dealing with bumps and hazards learned right away. Once you fall into a cactus, you learn good.
      A smaller bike is easier to handle when you are learning shift/brake/turn and stop. Also when (not if, when) you drop it it’s easier to pick up. So excited for you. But don’t let me see you riding a big ass Hog your first year or I’ll come out there and slap sense into you. But I’ll still share my roads.


      • While I know it’s not the same, I have ridden bikes my whole life. BMX trick bikes, mountain bikes and road bikes. I usually ride about 3,500 miles a year. Have been putzing around on a Yamaha Zuma scooter for the summer too. Need a FAST ride though. I like your suggestion, but I want something bigger than a 250. I was thinking a 750 most likely. A nice Triumph motorcycle. 🙂


      • Well, now Triumph makes a mighty fine machine. Hard to argue with that. I am glad you have some experience with bikes. I don’t. Bicycles scare me.
        Motorcycles? Love ’em. Have you ever taken a lesson for a motorcycle?


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