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I Did It


The 'real' albeit temporary, me.

The ‘real’ albeit temporary, me.

I finally had to do it. I had to ask.

A prayer from the heart is gratefully accepted as well.

I’m sorry to say that the past couple of treatments have left me worse than ever BUT…I’m still standing. I’m still here and I’m still fighting.

I am going to go on vacation. Really. I’m going to my brothers house and I’m going to shake this feeling off and I’m going to have fun. See my nieces and nephew.

Try to start to live again. I signed up for a program called go fund me to help me pay my bills. I have lost quite a lot of flexibility financially. What a funny way to put it. I’m SO broke and now, me and the dogs and the cat all eat the same thing. Rice, hamburger and carrots all cooked until edible. Very tasty. I can’t buy dog food with my food stamps so they get to eat people food. The cat is NOT thrilled.

Trying to find support is not easy for me or any sick person. There are a lot of organizations out there, but they are inundated with requests. My voice is not heard.

When I feel a little better I will write a longer post.

Love reading yours.


12 thoughts on “I Did It

  1. You look like a baby chick–very ready to start new adventures. I’m glad you have asked for help. They don’t call cancer a catastrophic illness for nothing. All of us who have experienced this scourge know what it is like to be overwhelmed. Best wishes for a fun vacation.


    • Yes it is. I was looking at pictures of myself from when this started and I was actually surprised to see how happy looking and pretty I was. So…here goes nothing. I’m on the road to recovery.


  2. Reblogged this on Not Down Or Out and commented:
    Laura has stage 4 ovarian cancer and has exhausted her former employer’s disability benefits. She has been surviving on food stamps and the fumes from a prior, more financially productive life. But she’s at the point where she and her rescued pets share the same meals. She is recovering from her cancer treatments slowly. And she has had to ask friends for help to hang on.
    You may have read some of the blog posts that circulated last week after someone questioned another cancer patient’s statements about how our community of patients and caregivers were lazy and only interested in handouts. If so, you know that is not true. This disease is a scourge. It robs you of your strength. It depletes you financially. It is wonderful when your insurance, state aid, or charitable assistance help you hang on. But everyone isn’t lucky enough to get such help, sometimes the help isn’t enough, and sometimes it doesn’t arrive in time.
    I am re-blogging this posting from Laura in case you are in a position to help. As it indicates, Laura is appreciative of prayers as well as financial support. If it is in your power to pray, then say a prayer for better days in her future. And thank you for reading her story and recognizing that this blithe spirit deserves our support as she deals with cancer and all the suffering it brings.


  3. KICK and SCREAM! FIGHT and WIN! I LOVE IT! I will pray for sure. My kiddos eat the same thing we do too! Her favorite is the hamburger and rice. She seems to like pasta and cheese too. 🙂 I worry sometimes because I can’t always afford her vitamin supplement. BUT she NEVER liked dog food anyway. The cats, welllllllllllll. They like tuna ok, and one likes burger after she bats it around until she ‘kills’ it but the other two. What pains. Thankfully their favorite kibble is the cheapest. BUT my cats won’t e at rice. 😦 I look fwd to following your GOFundme fundraiser. Just, keep the faith….. I’m finding the more positive I remain, the basic needs always get met! Enjoy your holiday! A change of scenery IS GREAT for any ill! hugs.


  4. I am so glad you took this stand. Nothing is more important. Hugs, prayers, healing thoughts are flying to Laura. I am so sorry about the blogger who passed insensitive judgement. It is clearly not the case for Laura and for most other people~


    • Thank you Cindy. I have to say, insensitive remarks, like the people who inadvertently stare, tend not to bother me at all. Bigger fish to fry and all that. Also, I am oblivious half the time as I am living in my own rosé colored world as often as possible. Sometimes reality SUCKS! When forced to I will occasionally notice someone looking at me and remember ‘oh…that’s right. I’m bald. I have no eyebrows…’ But usually I smile and think ‘look at that person. They look worried or something. I’ll smile at them…see. Now they don’t look so scared.’


    • Love the title of your blog, Planning For Accidents. Wish I had. Well, I don’t know. I guess I think I thought I had. I was thinking I was an Ant and I was really a Grasshopper.


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