Okay, I admit it. I over did it. A little bit.

Who would have thought that simply standing around, maybe a flight of stairs, a short walk, a visit to my work and breakfast at a diner could tire one out. Ha!

Of course when I write it down I see how that might have been a bit much.

I went to the fundraiser and I saw all the wonderful people on this island who work so hard themselves and then come out on their days off to raise money to help cancer people make it through the weeks and days and months.

I am, of course, still broke but the one bill, the electric bill, that was so worrying was paid by them (hurray for them! What a load off my mind that was) and I am able to rest and at least not worry. I heard that they paid the Harrison Hospital bill too which was the one that was generating all those phone calls. Hurray again! I really need to get more involved and find out what is happening. But it’s just so tiring. The thought of getting on the phone and trying to figure it all out is not getting me motivated right now. Tomorrow will have to do.

So, I am all out of energy. I am feeling okay but I am running a stupid temperature and that is a huge no no when you have low white blood cell counts. Phooey.

So for almost two days I sit in bed and look at my mad cat sitting in the window looking out at the sunny day-and she is NOT going out. NOT ever again. I watch poor Haida who comes in periodically and sighs and gives me sad looks. He wants me to go outside with him but I can’t. I nap and read and sip green tea and eat a banana (occasionally I even have some ice cream-chocoalte peanut butter swirl)

I used to think it would be boring to sit and sit. You would’nt catch me anywhere without a book and a notebook and a pen. SOmething to occupy me if I were forced to wait somewhere. Now?

Too tired. Just sit. It’s not really boring though. Thats not the word. It’s hard to be left with your thoughts sometimes and other times it’s kind of surprising.
I just wanted to give a heads up that until I am back to ‘normal’ temperature and have a little more energy, I won’t be writing those epic posts I am given to indulging myself in.

Just a little while, to catch up.

In the mean time, I look at my book case and I read and reread all those fantastic books. SInce January, when this happened, I wonder if I can remember all the books I’ve read.

Everything by Jane Austen.
Tenent of Wildfell Hall
Wuthering Heights
Barnaby Rudge
Great Expectations
The Executioners -John D MacDonald
The Deep Blue Goodbye – ibid
Cinnamon Skin – ibid
Free Fall in Crimson – ibid
Stormy Weather – Carl Hiassen
Lucky You – ibid
Tourist Season – ibid
Naked Once More – Elizabeth Peters
THe Hippopotamus Pool – ibid
The Falcon at the Portal -ibid
The Deeds of the Disturber- ibid
My Man Jeeves – PG Wodehouse – Probably more, they are like candy and I read them over without knowing
To Say Nothing of the Dog – Connie Willis
The Custom of the Country – Edith Wharton
Ethan Frome -ibid
Eats,Shoots and Leaves;The Zero Tolerence Approach to Puncutation – Lynne Truss (Also ‘Talk to the Hand’)
The Grifters – Jim Thompson
A whole bunch of Rex Stout
Naked – David Sedaris
Almost everything by Dorothy L Sayers for the 3rd time
The Catcher in the Rye – JD Salinger + most of his other stuff
Moonwalking with EInstein-can’t remember who wrote it and it’s about MEMORY ha ha ha…but really good.
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime – Mark Haddon
so many more…

…it’s all I seem to do. Read. I want to catch up. There are books by writers that I was ‘saving’. Seriously. SO I would have something by Dickens to read when I was older and it would be new. I read Barnaby Rudge finally. The one I was ‘saving’. It was good. I re read Austen all the time anyway.

In the middle of a biography of Sir Richard Francis Burton. Also reading Elmore Leonard’s Cuba Libre. Must make time for Diana Gabaldon’s series-again. And Dorothy Dunnetts, Lymond chronicles again.
So many books…

goodnight for now…


7 thoughts on “

  1. I really need/want to read more. It’s probably not going to be practical until I’ve finished with this latest degree. WordPress fills the gap to a degree when people like you put some good stuff up.


  2. Books are just so great when you can only rest.. What a treasure trove you have… It is so easy to over do it when all you want to do is join in… Hope you feel better soon…


  3. I agree with the Peckish Kiwi – blogs like these definitely fill the void of not having enough time these days to read books cover to cover – that said I also dabbling in a little Jane Austin as of late πŸ™‚


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