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A snap shot of my little town

I have been so busy the past week that today I am posting pics of the little town I live in on a little island off the coast of Seattle.

The part I live in is called Lynwood Centre. It has a pub, a movie theatre and a bakery.

The Lynwood Theatre

Pan de Amore<a

Pan de Amore

There is a new development going up across the street with lots of new stores…and art.


view of Lynwood from above

Lynwood Center from above

Entrance to my fav restaurant

entrance to my favorite patio restaurant

patio dining

current events

current events

The marina

the marina

the ferry on it's way to Seattle

the ferry on it’s way to Seattle

Haida & Otis

Haida & Otis

My forest walk

My forest walk


9 thoughts on “A snap shot of my little town

    • I love my cats so I was inclined to ‘sniff’ at the mice/cat one but watching the kids playing in the water made it alright. The 3 mice installation is right outside the ice cream parlour so it made for some interesting eating, getting sprayed. Love watching the kids though. They can’t get enough it them!


    • Lynwood is very quiet, I think most islands are – except Manhatten? My favorites are the statues, too. Although there is a 10′ rooster looking in a window that has a nightmarish quality that is rather compelling. I want to sit on it but Mom says NO!


    • They are really good dogs. It required (still requires?) constant attention to train a good dog. They are young still, about 2 years old, but they catch on fast. Love ’em!


  1. We should trade for a couple of weeks. You’d have to take care of chickens, cats and dogs and water the garden…so it would be more like farming…hahaha. but we are used to it and the eggs are worth it.


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