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That little boy

Richard Martin.

No more hurting people. Peace.

No more hurting people.

No more hurting people. Peace.

That smile. I can’t look at that 8 year old smiling with his sign of peace and not cry.

Hey, dickwad terrorist organizations! He didn’t do anything. Neither did I. You have a problem with Canada, the USA and Europe? They aren’t doing anything either! Are they pissing you off? Yeah, we know. They piss us off too. But civilized people don’t do this! Don’t blow up an 8 yr old! A sweet 29 year old. A student from China. You think our govt is sponsoring all your opposition? You sit there and swear revenge, looking at your martyrs? Fuck ya! Richard Martin wasn’t a martyr. He was a little boy.

It isn’t our government, you loser uneducated morons! It’s corporations and shareholders MANY OF WHICH LIVE RIGHT NEXT TO YOU! Yes that’s right! The RICH fuckers are doing this. Not the governments, why do I have to tell you this? Are you stupid???
You think we can control the greedy corporations, sick and bloated with oil money?! Really!? Cuz we can’t do it! THEY are a worldwide threat to democracy, NOT RICHARD MARTIN!

Wake up, assholes! Wake up! The only geography involved here is who has gas and oil and who doesn’t. It’s the corporations setting you at each others throats. Not our governments. Not little Boston Bruin fans.

Oh I’m sick as shit of this. When are those asshats here and overseas going to be exposed for what they are? Monstrous greedy corporations destroying nations, destroying peace, destroying crops and universities and equality. Make a list of corporations and ask THEM to explain themselves. Big Pharmacy, Big Oil, Big Agriculture…they aren’t ALL HERE in the West, morons. They’ve ruined your country. Destroyed your cities. Set you at each others throats. And now some poorly educated fuckwads bent on revenge blows up people. Not the ones responsible. No. Just a little kid.

Oh and just in case you’re wondering, I don’t care WHERE your from. Terrorist dickheads? We have them here. Timothy McVeigh, those morons from Columbine, the Virginia tech asswipe, they don’t deserve names. They have no names, nothing. I don’t care if your from here or the Middle East or the moon. You are an asshole!

Richard Martin, I’m sorry. This wasn’t what you asked for. You asked for peace. But until big oil and the other worldwide corporations answer some questions about how they make profits, I think peace may be a ways off.

I’m not feeling peaceful right now.


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