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I won an Award.

Lucky me!

Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

I’m so flattered. Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. P and to MasonBentley for nominating me. Now I have to figure out how to post this somewhere permanent. And nominate and paste other blogs…hmmm. This will be fun.

Okay first of all I’ll link back to my wonderful nominator.


Hah! I did it! (You can’t see it but I just did a ‘happy dance’, scared the cats and now I have to calm the dogs down. I do a wicked good happy dance.)

YES! Okay so by now you might be able to tell I’m slightly computer illiterate. No. I’m just new to this. That sounds way better. I started watching TV late in life. I hate talking on the phone. I don’t know the first thing about computers BUT:

1: I can dance like nobodies business. Even in high heels and I don’t care what the music is. I can dance. I can dance with bad dancers and cowboys and shy guys and close dancers and the twirler fellas that never seem to want to stop twirling you. I can dance with drunks and losers and other girls dates and all of them, they walk off the floor feeling good. Like they just made MY night. And usually they did. Except for the one combo twirler/cowboy who almost broke my arm. And started a fight. But that was at Bullriding in a small town and my side won.

2: I was in a movie called ‘Savage Streets’ that was SO bad it won a Razzie Award for worst pic of the year. Can’t remember the year. Really. It was the 80’s. The director and I exchanged words. I thought I was out of the movie and on the cutting room floor but it seems I was in a crucial scene (not the naked cheerleader fight in the shower scene) and many years later I received an excited call from a friend who told me he was watching a film and there I was. Hmmph…in one of those 4 movies for $2 marathon places that you go when it’s raining and you want to kill time and the place is full of homeless guys sleeping. Yay!

3: I worked in Yellowstone Park because I liked Old Faithful and the scenery so much I wanted to stay. So I did. Got a job as a dishwasher. We celebrated Christmas in July and Halloween in June. I dressed as a lumberjack, complete with mustache, and got lost in the woods trying to get back to the dormitory. Talk about DARK! Literally could NOT see the hand in front of my face! So, they found me, hours later, singing Bette Midler (I’m a fan-sue me!) under a tree.

4: I can’t fix things. I can’t fix one single thing. I’m not a fixer. If its broke I just stand there looking at it. Sometimes for months. Then someone else says ‘Hey, there’s a reset switch on that.’ And they click it. Then I do a happy dance.

5: I ride a motorcycle. A pretty big one. I love it. I haven’t ridden it for awhile because the last time the oil got changed the nut got screwed on too tight and I can’t unscrew it to change the oil and (see #4). I rode to California and back on crazy twisty side roads and I dream someday I will do it again only this time without the wind storms on the Oregon Coast and the danged hay spill in the corner in Calistoga that aged me 10 years in 2 seconds. Also that Denny’s I ate in. I would skip that too. I think it was the clam chowder. Never eat clam chowder when you are on a motorcycle trip. Also watch out for the exhaust pipes. Those suckers burn.

6: I grow beautiful flowers. I have a knack for it. I can happily sit in a garden and do the most boring, repetitive task ever invented and be perfectly content.

7: I have never said no to a food. Never. I’ve eaten whatever anyone has ever offered me, even when I know I’ll hate it. Just so I can keep open minded (and my record going.) I’ve eaten snakes, bugs, frogs, parts of cows you wouldn’t think edible, fish faces, brrrr… I’ve eaten some weird shit, man. But after all, you don’t know if you’re going to like it until you try it.

8: I’m adding an extra one cuz I think it might be a world record. I’ve never changed a diaper. Ever. And I have 2 sisters and 3 brothers. And they all have kids. And my friends have kids. Im a woman and I’ve never changed a diaper. In my life. I came really close once or twice while babysitting. I think my sister panicked after an hour or so when she realized who she had left the kid with and came home early to find me standing there with a clean diaper and a horrified face. Same with the bro’s. Close but somehow it never happened. Now, I just tell people with babies “I’m going for the Guiness Book of World Records. Woman. Never changed a diaper. Probably the only one in existence. In all history maybe.” It’s big.

So that’s some things about me.

Now lets see…what’s next? Nominating people. Can I nominate the nominators? No? Okay, lets see…

I like donofalltrades cuz he cracks me up. Like a fine IPA, he’s both bitter and smooth.

There is just no funnier writing on the web. I’m sorry, Mancakes. I know you just got freshly pressed and are probably busy as hell BUT…I gotta name names and you’re one of my go to blogs.

Love looking at fashion? This is the blog.

Beautiful food, beautiful photos, beautiful person

And sooooo many more BUT I have to stop right now and get some shut eye. Good night for now…


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