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Happy Birthday To Me. Now take me back to The 70’s!!!

I loved the 70’s. Even if I am looking at them through rosé colored glasses. Which I doubt. I was only 10 on April 7th 1970. I was 19 on April 7th 1979. God I feel SO lucky! All that great music, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, The Doors, Bob Seger, The Jackson 5, OMG What about The Partridge Family? to say nothing of Disco! The greatest invention EVER. King Floyd, choose me baby? Remember that one? Hah! My dad chopped my bedroom door down with an axe. I was blasting disco music and locked the door on him. He was strictly rock n roll. (Hated the Bee Gees! Can you imagine?) Hah! My door was in pieces and I climbed out of the window before he made it all the way through. It was Liza’s stereo, too. Hahahahah…boy was SHE pissed! Yep, Hollywood in the 70’s was fun. Roller skates,wrap skirts, Halston, Lauren Hutton, Hollywood High School, long ironed straight hair, bell bottoms, platform shoes…I was SO hot!

Also smart. I didn’t believe anyone. No matter who they were, if they were a man?,they were a liar. I don’t care if you’re a photographer. And I look like a model? Really? Fuck off. Oh, you’re a producer? Fuck off. Oh you’re a director? You can fuck off too. In fact if you weren’t NOT in The Business, fuck off. If you weren’t a long haired, teen aged skateboarder (Mark Militaire) or a wanna be recording engineer (Larry McComas) or a roadie (Gasp! Sigh!) then please see above…

I was in several movies despite my best efforts. I was in ‘Rock and Roll High School’ with the Ramones. Practically everyone in Hollywood High School was in it. It was an open casting call for extras. I learned that one should always wear a bright bright shirt when an extra. One is easier to pick out in the background. I wore yellow. I think they’re on to that trick now. One of the films I was in actually won a Razzie. It was called ‘Savage Streets’and it was badly written, directed, filmed, acted and edited. I played a mean cheerleader. Mind you that was in the early 80’s.

Savage Streets-winner of Razzie for worst actress (not me)

Savage Streets-winner of Razzie for worst actress (not me)

I also told the director, casting agent, AD, certain other actors and, I think, the producer, to fuck off. My motto, it seems. I could list all the movies I was in but after Meatballs VI, it gets boring.

I met some great guys too. Don’t get me wrong. Bucksy. He was wonderful. An ex-mafioso, to hear him tell it. He was about 65, with a little Yorkshire terrier and a big old Cadillac. You know how he met me? He pulled up next to me while I was strolling along Santa Monica blvd and yelled ‘Listen Gloria, when I hired you to work at the restaurant I expected you to show up. Why are you wasting my time? You’re fired!’ When I leaned over to tell him to, need I say it?, he said ‘Oy, your not Gloria! Oh my. You could be her! She’s like a twin…’ Etc etc…the rest is history.

I worked at Sunset Stables saddling and bridling rental horses and mucking out stalls for free just so I could be around the horses. I met some life long friends, David and Greg and Mark and Kirby, who took me under their respective wings and made sure I didn’t turn out too badly. Thanks guys. I lived through punk rock, no mean feat, when there were bands like the Red Hot Chili Peppers-I went to school with Anthony-and DOA and the Dead Kennedy’s and Los Lobos and the Mentors playing every night. Yeah, the 70’s were awesome. I learned to ride a motorcycle. I got my first job. I worked on my first political campaign. George McGovern. Thanks to Mom and Dad, naturally. (And the 60’s.) We were all political animals back then. Roe vs Wade. Watergate. Vietnam. Angela Davis-god, I wanted to be black and proud back then. I learned about jazz and discovered Billy Holiday.
I went into a bar and pretended I was Phoebe Caufield and I ordered two drinks, ‘Two bloody marys please. What time is it. I’m waiting for my brother, Holden. Make sure his is spicy.’ Then I lit a cigarette and looked at my watch. That’s right out of Catcher in the Rye. Or was it Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenter? Either way, the bartender bought it and I got served. I was 17. I hated bloody Mary’s but thats what she ordered. I drank them too.

The 70’s. god…

Now look at me…
The 70's

I was such a bad and wild child. Imagine being 10 in 1970…good lord. So much happened in that 10 year stretch. I wish I could go back and do it all again. Exactly the same. I think. Maybe a little minor editing. Oh, who am I kidding?! Hah, I’d do a lot different if I could. Who wouldn’t.

But I would love to do it all again. And wish I didn’t know now what I didn’t know then.

Happy Birthday Laura.


11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Me. Now take me back to The 70’s!!!

  1. Happy birthday! Love me some Billy Holiday. He gained some attention when he found the fourth dimension, but he ain’t got rhythm, so nobody’s with him, the loneliest man in town. I play that regularly at the moment. Are those your new shoes I see you sporting while you strike that pose?

    I’m going to hunt down Savage Streets if it’s the last thing I do.


    • It’s a horrible film. Truly. Starring Linda Blair. The result of my telling everyone to fuck off and refusing to appear topless is apparent in my extremely short ‘cameo’ performance. However, I believe the fact that they started with x number of cheerleaders and ended with y contributed to them earning a Razzie. So thank you members of he Academy. Also the gratuitous naked cheerleader shower fight scene would have been a factor and I wasn’t in that. I DID, however come up with the ‘cheer’ being chanted in the background. That’s original. Sort of. Shoes are my new ones…good eye! Very comfortable, too. .


    • Aww, thanks Hang! Wild child warrior. I love it. It makes it seem better than just being a recalcitrant, troublemaking cow. Mooooo to bloody Mary’s. I’ll take a Caesar any day.


  2. Those were the days ain’t it? Be glad you had those wild days. My mom would be waiting with a cane in hand. Lol… Happy belated birthday dear 😀 Btw, the bell bottoms ain’t wide enough, hahaha…


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