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Just a biscuit and coffee

This is how happy I am.

I have been sleeping. I am so happy. I FELL ASLEEP and I stayed asleep and I’ve been sleeping.

Wow. To those of you out there who are going through a bout of insomnia (or cancer treatment) you can imagine how lovely it is to just sleep. I woke up at 9:39 this morning and I did a double take at the bedside clock. Really!? I slept? And I didn’t even appreciate it because I was sleeping. hah!

I practically leapt out of bed so I could tell someone I slept. My sister was finishing a quilt she’s making and she’s on the home stretch so she was only marginally thrilled at the interruption.

The dogs were uber excited that I was excited. They brought me their favorite stinky, tore up toys and chucked them at my feet. Dogs are awesome if you need to feel appreciated and loved. Cats…

You did NOT just wake me up to tell me you've been sleeping, right?

They’ve been showing me how it’s done…

Showing me how it's done.

Showing me how it’s done.

I decided that I was going out for a coffee. Take the pups and go sit and relax. Ever try to relax with a couple of 2 year old puppies? HAH!
I walked them all around the Commons and they peed on every bush they could and scared a little, growly dog and smelled a baby carriage and, when I tied their leashes to separate, heavy iron patio chairs, they dragged them noisily around until I rushed out-sans coffee-to rethink that particular move.

Once I had them secured, sort of, to the table legs (they couldn’t drag a table, could they?) I got in line again and darned if that line didn’t meander past the bakery case. Full of Danishes, brioche, coffee cakes and crumb cakes. Brownies, cream filled butter horns oh…it was a test, people. How serious am I about getting well? Is sugar THAT bad? Gluten? Wheat? C’mon. There’s no proof, is there? I asked myself. I mean, one little crumb cake…and then I looked out and saw the trees. The cherry trees and plum trees were blooming like mad.


It’s spring. Last time I was at the Commons I got scared. I mean terribly, horribly frightened. I didn’t want this to be my last one. So, I just have to pretend that it can’t happen. I have to pretend that I’m okay, it’s just that sugar-and a lot of other things-are off the plate for now. Not off the planet. They’re here. Just not for me.

Black coffee and a plain biscuit. It was delicious.

The puppies ate about 1/2 of it anyway. After I managed to drag them and the tables back onto the patio.


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