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If you can’t be young- be Lee Radziwill

Love her!

Love her!


I really want this Givenchy cape.

I am not obsessed with clothes. At least, not much. But Fashion? Fabric? Textiles? Just a bit obsessed.

Unlike people out there who never think about what goes on their back, I think of clothing as a way of expressing myself.

At least , I used to

I take good care of my clothes and shoes. I separate and put away seasonally because I like nice things and I know how hard they are to find. Especially on my budget. Especially now. There is no room in my wallet or my closet for impulse buys. I’m guilty of that, too, just like many women. I’m the kind of person who goes out looking for a black suit jacket of a certain cut, with one inside pocket and the right weight of gabardine. I don’t quit, even if it takes months to find it, because I know I’m going to have it for years. It’s a classic. So if I’m out there, looking for that jacket and I find a wonderful heavy jersey wrap top, I’ll buy it, because that kind of jersey is impossible to find when you want it. Especially on a budget.

As I grew older I learned more about textile art, weavings and carpets. About prints from Provence. Weaving from India and Africa. Embroidery from Japan and China. Russian printed cottons and chintzes from the 20’s and 30’s. It was the beginning of a lifelong interest in textile and fabric.


As I lie here in my room, the walls are covered with carpets, quilts and fabric. I have one MC Escher print and a painted wooden bowl from New Zealand. No photographs, no paintings, no ‘art’. Did I ever mention I draw? I’m good enough to please myself. I wish I owned even a square foot of one of these Russian chintzes.






Mongolian silk embroidered shawl from the 19th century.


So what am I doing dressing like this for chemotherapy? What’s different about me that I should suddenly think its okay to go out in jeans and no make up? Wearing shoes because they’re easy to take off…what am I? 102 years old?

Okay, I can see not wearing high heels. Some of the drugs make you a little light headed, drowsy. But c’mon! I have a beautiful pair of Cole Haan kitten heels. Silvery ballet flats, Bjorn’s. I have shoes! I have pants that fit. I like the tee, I bought it for the colour, but it’s not TRYING. People I have to try.

I was browsing through some blogs at the hospital and one of my favorite follows is
MasonBentley from London. She posted the MOST beautiful pictures of the Liberty Store. A textile company I’ve been loving since the 70’s. So lying there looking at her pictures, I resolved to at least make an effort. Reading MyStyleRecipe from Italy? Makes me want to at least make SOME SMALL EFFORT. She posts pics of herself wearing the dishiest little outfits-and accessorizes them perfectly. I would look silly. But I look.

This morning I took the trouble to find out what’s coming up for Summer and Fall fashion.

It’s a good sign, don’t you think?


9 thoughts on “If you can’t be young- be Lee Radziwill

    • Thank you, Vanessa! I was finding it a little harder to look in the mirror, but, after all, this is just one small part of growing older. And I mean to grow older…thanks for reading. It means a lot to me.


  1. Thank you you gorgeous girl. I can completely understand why liberty’s would appeal so much…and even stranger, we are looking into designing some Liberty print summer dresses…may run out of time so could just be in the brain-bank for next year…but there is something wonderful about the perfect prints…I have to ask – are you a vintage girl? Trawling the antique fairs/thrift shops appeal? Ebay? def some of my best finds have been fishing these. Sending big love xxxx


  2. I love trolling for vintage. I just found an Adrienne Vittadini knit midi dress from the 70’s! Only 10$!!! It’s hanging up to dry as I write.
    I always look forward to your posts, keep ’em coming!


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