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How to have fun.


Yesterday, I was reminiscing about Fridays. 5 years ago, Fridays were a big fun deal. Good or bad, whether someone started a fight in the bar, or was proposed to, pipes froze, beer run, bad date, good date, stayed at home to watch a movie, laid in the back yard to watch the meteor showers, drove to White Swan for the hot springs…Friday was the time that was only yours. For better or worse.

Today I thought about that a lot. I mean, yeah I got dealt a shitty, scary hand and I have to play it. But today I read ‘You never know how strong you’ll have to be, until you have no choice.”

So during chemo instead of feeling crappy and lying there, I took it sitting up. I drew a great b-day card. I ordered a lunch-the food is amazing in the hospital btw. I had goat cheese, fresh basil, tomato and pesto on focaccia with salad and steamed broccoli. Healthy, sure but I looked at the burgers, roast beef and enchiladas before I realized what was dripping into my venous cavity. And ordered properly, thanks.

Yeah. Fridays are supposed to be great, memorable, the stuff you can tell stories about, right?

So when we got back home, we had a wig party. The American cancer Society gave me a beauty a couple of weeks ago. I hadn’t even taken it out of the box after I tried it on. A wig. Me? My buddy, Dawn, gave me two or three. I washed them and shook ’em out and hung them up.

Today is Friday and I want my Fridays BACK! That’s got to be a rule. Rule # 8. Pick a day and have FUN! Every week, no matter what, DO IT! Don’t include the fun police. There are people who think because you are weak or sick that your judgement is impaired. It’s not! If fun to you is shutting the phone off, locking the door and doing a puzzle, DO IT! If it’s going for a beer and a game of darts, fuck ’em! Go throw darts. Whatever it is…find a way.

So today we moved it all outside. We took all the wigs, make up, scarves, hats, wine, food and dogs-and released the chickens, even, to graze on our newly planted peas the jerks, we took it all outside and partied!

We switched wigs every 1/2 hour or so at first but then we all had our favorites. I was rockin’ the 70’s look, wishing I had a Halston pant suit. Blew up some balloons and stuffed them down my shirt for good measure. Mom went with Martha Stewart-and was a dead ringer for her- Liza decided to channel Mike Myers Canadian Hoser classic. Dawn wore a weave pony tail that was surprisingly versatile considering the colour.
Drinking, yes I was drinking wine, RED even, which isn’t a favorite. But healthier, right?

Gettin'  wiggy wit it...

Gettin’ wiggy wit it…



I wish you could have been here. It was SO fun. Laughing until you cry. Snatching wigs off heads, chasing dogs, telling stories, taking funny pictures, putting on bad makeup, JUST DRINKING and talking. I felt so BAD. The GOOD kind of bad. Friday bad.

Hour 3...

Hour 3…

Fridays are back...

Fridays are back…


3 thoughts on “How to have fun.

  1. It WAS fun! I put on ‘ugly’ make up- with lipstick on my teeth and too much of everything- and guess what? Some of the eyeliner was waterproof and I STILL can’t get it OFF! Driving me crazy…but try it. There are lots of old funny wigs around.


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