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My first chemotherapy treatment

My first chemotherapy treatment

The quilt is from Shirley at work. She had 1/2 the store sign it. It’s my secret power source. I’m going to get all my friends, family and nurses docs etc to sign it.

It’s another gorgeous day. Warm, sunny, it feels like spring! I’m trying to get in the groove, as it were. Miralax, Milk of Magnesia, water, tea, juice anything to move some of this poison out of my system.

Food feels like poison right now. Got up to make juice and it made me nauseous. Went back to bed, took some anti-nausea, my steroid thing,whatever the hell it’s called, an oxycondone for pain, which is shooting around all over the place like a bad bank on a lopsided pool table and a lorazepam. Because when you are sick and worried (whats with the pain shooting around?! thats new and shitty) you really want that anti anxiety to kick in. It all made me sleepy, thank god. But I should have made some eggs and some green juice and drank some more water.

So here comes rule # 5: Don’t use drugs as a crutch. Yeah, I have to take steroids. For some reason. Yeah the anti- nausea is important and can help me eat. Witness me up and juicing, right now. Have to take the Miralax. But the oxy and the lorazepam? Hmmmm….might have managed the pain without those. Might have just drank my juice, eaten and found out I had gas. So wait on the painkillers and the anti-anxiety pills. They aren’t fun, recreational drugs when you’re sick- worse luck. They will knock you out and these are the days you need to be up and doing!

So I’m taking the dogs to Pritchard beach dog park and I’m going to sit on a log and read. Today, I am going to the food bank, today I am going to get dog food somewhere and chicken food and postage stamps and today I am going to eat kale and tofu and drink my juice! And walk and walk and walk until I’m tired and I can sleep tonight without taking an Ambien.


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