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My sister’s birthday


My hardworking sister’s birthday today. She made coconut cake with coconut custard inside and covered with toasted coconut. And a cheesecake with berry coulis. Figures I ate a piece and got sick. Phooey!

Just remember rule #3- It’s not forever. No food is going off the planet. This is just until you get your health back. Just until you save your life. You may just end up loving some of this new lifestyle. I didn’t think I would but so far, I really like juicing, and since I quit eating a lot of bread and gluten infested num nums I FEEL better. I mean before chemo yesterday, I felt really great. Well, that gross eclair was a mistake. But even with cancer I felt great. Hard to believe. Chemo may knock you down so get out that coconut water and unsweetened soy milk and rice dream and hemp milk and almond milk and hydrate. Eat your mung beans and lentils and brown rice and lightly sautéed dark green veggies while you can. Before your mouth gets sore. I hear that happens. Get a gluten free pizza crust recipe- there are a ton of them- and make a delicious mozzarella, fresh basil and tomato pizza. Make tofu and garlic, it’s good hot or cold. Chocolate tapioca pudding made with chocolate soy milk (sugar free, naturally) and sweeten it with stevia and a dash of maple syrup. Add some unsweetened cocoa powder for extra chocolate flavor.

Well, chemo was yesterday. It’s over til next week. I can think about food. Liza just came back from the Tree House Pub. She went with Mom and Richard. They had hot pepper, goat cheese, smoked salmon, capers, fresh thyme on a thin thin crust with a delicious bottle of red.

I had yogurt and blueberries with maple syrup and a glass of water. Tasty, but I’d rather have had a double bacon blue cheese burger with red onions and grainy mustard. With a tall glass of ale and a bowl of salted caramel ice cream. And I will. Just not every week. But when I am done with chemo…I will. Cuz nothing is going off the planet.


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